Here are some frequently asked questions.

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Should I purchase electronic locks?

Some purchase electronic locks more than the conventional ones since there are no keys involved and codes are the only thing you must remember. As our technicians say, keyless door locks are excellent and they will keep you secure as long as you don't share your password and regularly change it. In general, you can purchase them without a problem.

How do biometric locks work?

Biometric locks do not have keys. As the word implies, you will need to use some personal identification like a fingertip to open the door locks. Biometric security door locks can store several personal identification features and so the whole family can have their fingers as keys. The locks lock as soon as the door closes.

What kind of maintenance do electronic locks needs?

It is important to clean them on a regular basis with a cleaner which is completely safe for them. You need to ensure that no liquid will get inside the lock in order to avoid damage. There is no need to replace the batteries as part of maintenance. When they come to the end of their useful life, you will get a warning signal, usually a flashing light. It is best to keep a full set of spare batteries at hand.

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