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Why should you waste time trying to maintain the door locks without proper instructions?

Learn to live without keys

How about closing the door without caring about getting your keys or not! The new electronic locks work with codes. They're keyless. Biometric locks will only need your finger instead of a key. We won't care about lost house keys anymore and our professionals say that these new door locks are also very reliable.

The best way to avoid lockouts

Those having conventional door locks must take care of their keys. They must make sure the keys fit perfectly in the lock and avoid abandoning them in different places. Locks must also be in excellent condition, the keyway clean and lubricated, and the strike plate secured. With electronic locks, you'll just have to remember the code.

Don’t allow window access

Don’t be too consumed thinking up how you can secure your doors with premium quality locksets. You must also pay attention to your window locks, which must also be fitted nicely to improve your home’s security. Windows significantly provide potential thieves easy access to your estate because they are often overlooked. Don’t be a victim and ask how you can seal off your windows as well.

Cabinet locks are helpful

Having cabinet locks installed in the house especially with young kids around is important. It will be equally necessary if there are elderly people in the house with Alzheimer's disease since they might swallow the wrong medicine. Our specialists in Woodinville are always available to inform you about your choices and install high security locks at cabinets.

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