Repairing Locking Mechanisms

Repairing Locking Mechanisms

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There are multiple reasons why you would need help in your residence or business for a lock repair.  You may try to use your key one day and discover that it sticks or doesn’t turn at all.  You can have a key replacement that has been poorly cut and if you attempt to rotate the key in the lock you get resistance.  The mechanism may be in need of lubrication.  If it is not lubricated then you risk of key breakage in the lock.

Repairing Locking MechanismsThere are some situations where the bolt fails to extend completely through the latch. It could be because of poor installation or measurement.  In some cases you will need to press your body weight on the door in order to make the latch and bolt securely connect. In these types of cases don’t wait until the next day to have a specialist come out for servicing.  Consulting a professional locksmith from locksmith Woodinville can instantly determine how to resolve an issue without having to replace it with new hardware.

Choosing a Door for Your Home

When it come the doors to your home they are often overlooked as part of the security of your home and every door is looked upon as the same.  The doors of your home are underappreciated and are taken for granted.  Most people think that because they have a lockset on the door that home or office is safe and secure.  Doors are there to help make your life safer and more secure just like door locks do.


When selecting a door you must keep the amount of glass in your door to a minimum so that your homes security will be increased.  It will keep intruders from seeing what is inside your home and makes it hard for them to break in.  Even if you have a sturdy door to your home you must make sure that the door locks are heavy duty.  It also helps to have a deadbolt to offer additional security.  Most intruders are deterred by a deadbolt because its time consuming and most intruders avoid dealing with them.  You must make sure that your door is properly secured along with your door frame.

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