Case Story - We Enjoyed Working with This Company

Case Story - We Enjoyed Working with This Company

Our company helped a young couple find and install security locks in their new house. We were glad that our clients were satisfied by our service

This was a really exciting period for us and wouldn't let anyone or anything ruin it. It took us many years to get our own house and we were about to enjoy every minute fixing it before moving in, so we wanted to find the best technical teams for everything. Not that we had to do a lot – just make a few changes here and there. Though, we surely wanted to replace the window and door locks. Security is important and we weren't planning to make any compromises about it, starting with the company we would trust for services. So, we asked around friends, neighbors, and relatives and decided to call Locksmith Woodinville.

Professional lock installation & emergency door lock repair

We asked if one of the technicians could find some time to come by the new house to check out the entry points and give us a professional opinion before us investing in new security door locks. We had no idea what to get and what our window lock options were! My husband talked to this very nice guy who told him that the technician will call us back. About a half an hour later, he actually called and we made an appointment for the following day. We really liked that he was here on time and we didn't have to deal with delays and stuff like that. He was actually very polite and my husband appreciated that he took a very good look around, asked us what we were looking for and tried to understand what would be more convenient for us by asking questions. This was a very nice and professional first appointment and we really liked the guy.

The next time we met for the installation of the locks and he was even friendlier. My husband had talked to him a few more times over the phone since the technician wanted to give us some quotes and a few more ideas. We liked this dedication and started enjoying the whole lock installation process even more. It was fun making such serious decisions with such good help from a professional. We quickly started trusting him even more because the truth is that we checked what he suggested online and talked about it with friends, who have recently gone through a similar renovation. The tech was equally great with the actual installation service. He was in our home on time, told us how he would proceed and was very warm.

It took him less time to complete the job and still he looked around and made sure everything was done to our satisfaction. We were happy then and even happier when we actually moved into the house and felt secure in it. It all worked out smoothly and as we wanted, and we owe a big thanks to this guy who really took a great interest in our case and helped us in such a professional and caring way. We surely kept the company's number and we'll call again should we need another locksmith service.

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